1986 was a pivotal year for the young Heather Christopherson, who found herself in a video store, uncertain of what to rent. She ended up with “Rad,” the story of BMX bike riders that overcome obstacles… literally. Heather endured the movie because of Blockbuster’s Draconian “no return” policy. She knew then, that she could make a better movie, never mind that a fairly smart monkey could produce something similar.

It became apparent that her vision of becoming a filmmaker wasn’t just a pipe dream. Inspired by 80’s and 90’s television shows, Heather began to write screenplays, honing her craft and penning several scripts that would later become short films. It wasn’t long before she fell into the opportunity to work as Assistant Director on an official Sundance Selection film and – shortly after- a low-budget college comedy.

It was on these sets that Heather was bitten by the directing bug and became even more determined to work toward writing and directing her own movies. In the meantime, she gained valuable experience working in production management for the History Channel and Court TV. In recent years, Heather co-founded Draedlfish, a low-no budget production outfit. She has directed several film shorts under that moniker and assists on local low budget productions, even putting in the occasional on-screen appearance.