CEMETERY  TALES  is a classic horror anthology in the tradition of films like Tales From the Crypt and Dr. Terror’s House of Horrors.

Featuring four chilling tales from four up and coming directors – L.C. Cruell, Heather Christopherson, Andrew Featherstone and Dayna Noffke.

The four chilling tales were filmed by award-winning cinematographer Jessica Gallant & the Narration was later filmed by  Bill Schweikert;  CEMETERY TALES is a uniquely blood-curdling experience.


Narration: Into the Woods, With You – Written by: L.C. Cruell & Nikkia Lovejoy

                                                          – Directed by: Andrew Featherstone

The Living End – Written & Directed by Dayna Nofke
It Takes One To Know One – Written & Directed by Heather Christopherson
I Need You – Written & Directed by Lucy Cruell
Nekro-fancy – Written by Nikkia LaDae
                      – Directed byAndrew Featherstone